Specializing in Discontinued, Rare, Hard to Find, Precision Ammunition and More


Thanks for looking into our operation and welcome to Colorado Custom cartridge Co. LLC. We are located in north central Colorado. We are not your generic ammunition sales company.

What we offer: We are a Federal Licensed class 6 and 01, ammunition manufacture. We offer at present over 450 calibers (see our calibers list). We offer four services. We load new ammunition; reload fired ammunition and we load for the customer directly. We also can receive your firearm and develop the load that you’re requesting. Be it a hunting or target load, we work with you in building the best load for your requirements. We have the ability to test for pressure (PSI), velocity (sky screen and doppler), 100 yards on site range and several software applications. Our load data archives are very extensive.

There are many new powders & bullets that are on the market but ammunition companies do not offer them in all calibers We become your private factory. We can build what the factories do not offer.  We encourage you to contact us and we will go over the details of your ammunition needs. Our emphasis is on quality. We do not use automation and all loads are hand loaded. We use all of the component brands.

Be the newest caliber on the market, current calibers, old, rare, discontinued, proprietary, European and black powder cartridges we can help.

Contact us at 970-881-2929

Email: customloads@msn.com

Bob and Laura Stahl