Specializing in Discontinued, Rare, Hard to find, precision ammunition and more.

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Match Loads
Obsolete Calibers
Unique Calibers
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Our Mission is to provide each customer the precision shot they need. Whether it be hunting or target shooting we will work with you to identify and create the perfect recipe for your perfect shot

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Welcome to Colorado Custom Cartridge Co. Since you’re here reading this, you must have a unique need in ammunition. You have located the right company to assist you in creating the perfect load for your special needs

We specialize in crafting precision, unique, ammunition. If you are searching for metallic ammunition that no longer is available, specialty bullets or your favorite load that the factories do not offer, we can help. We load approximately 400 calibers of rifle and handgun ammunition. We will development a precision load for a specific firearm that you wish to use.

Are you looking for a tighter group? Do you have Dad’s or Grandpa’s old rifle and want to use it on that special hunt? Does Grandpa want to hunt and use his old rifle? We can facilitate most ammunition requirements.

With fifty years of reloading and load development we are not new comers. We have a back ground in rifle competitive shooting, hunting the western states. Bob is a retired metrologist (the science of measurements) quality inspector.

If you are looking for a custom loading company that will work with you and see the project through, please give us a call or email us.

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