About Us

Safety and precision go hand in hand! We work directly with the end user to achieve the desired result. What the factory dose not offer in standard loads we can. If you have a wildcat cartridge but no time for that special load, we can follow your recipe.

Because safety is paramount we only load within SAAMI guidelines. Precision in every step of the loading operation is always followed. The reduction of variation is key to increased accuracy. We can not account for your rifle and sights or take the shot for you, but your ammunition will be the best!

Logan 260 5 shotsBob Shooting Logan 260


Company history

The staff at Colorado Custom Cartridge Company LLC consists of the owners

Bob and Laura Stahl.

Bob has retired from a major corporation after many years in procurement and metrology (Quality Assurance). Bob’s passion has always been shooting; target shooting, competition shooting, and hunting. He has been reloading for his own needs and those of family and friends for over 50 years. Bob is a certified NRA Reloading Instructor.

Laura has a background in manufacturing and business and has always loved outdoor sports such as hiking and snowshoeing. Since her and Bob were married in 2003, she has developed a love for hunting and plinking at targets.  

Seeing a need for custom ammunition and wanting to share our knowledge and passion of the sport, we thought it was time to start this business. We have been offering our customers a unique product since 2011.  

Looking forward to working with you