Ammunition Categories

Hunting    Reduced Recoil   Match and Target    Obsolete and Vintage

HUNTING LOADS     Hunting loads are created to meet your needs and your firearm. We load with all the best component manufactures. Where we differ from the other reloading operations, are that we do not bulk load or mass produce any of our ammo. If you have a favorite load or bullet brand we can facilitate this. There are many great bullets and powders available today that were not available a year or two ago. Today external and terminal ballistics have improved a great deal due to new powders and new materials, design features of today’s bullets. With that said, you can reinvent that old rifle by using custom loaded ammo in it’s caliber that a few years ago would not be an option. Ammo manufactures today can not offer all the different premium bullets in all calibers. You can go down to the local sporting goods store and pick up good ammo, but we can load many different loads for you that just are not offered. We use many match quality loading techniques in our Hunting loads to insure a precision shot no matter if you are on your annual Elk hunt or that once in a lifetime safari. The point is either hunt is very important to the hunter. When it’s all said and done, your skill to put the right bullet in the right place is what it comes down to. Funny thing is that your ammo is the least of your expenses. So don’t find yourself at the moment of truth second guessing your ammo.

REDUCED RECOIL LOADS   Reduced recoil loads can be created in almost any caliber. The great thing about custom cartridges is that we load for you and your firearm specifically. We can create loads that offer any of the different bullet manufactures out there, use powders that the “factory” boys can not offer. There are only a hand full of companies that offer reduced recoil loaded ammunition and then, only in a few calibers with limited selection of bullets and ballistics.

Reduced recoil loads are wonderful for the new, up coming shooter no matter the age, size or sex. One of the worst things a parent, friend, spouse, buddy, grandparent can do with a novice shooter is have them start off with full load factory ammo or use your whizz bang super magnum (even though it’s a great and accurate firearm). Starting any novice shooter off with unfamiliar recoil will only create a shooter who will start flinching badly and if not helped or corrected will become worse. So much for the novice shooter becoming and accurate marksman or even wanting to continue! 

Two things are paramount in a new shooter becoming proficient. The firearm must fit them properly and they must become “at ease” with the firing of the firearm. Then lots of practice. In time you will be surprised that they will “want” to move up to normal / full loads and or up to a larger caliber.

You may have a novice shooter wanting to go along on your next Elk or Moose hunt. You have shared those great memories and tales with them and now they want to become part of that with you. Be smart! Even though you might have been handed a large caliber or magnum and suffered through the sore, bruised, black & blue shoulders, the headaches after firing such a firearm. Start them out with a smaller, lighter calibers and work your way up. They will appreciate it and you will have a better hunting partner for it in the long run. As you start with them remember that you have more experience than they do and they will need to learn, as you did over some time. Not in one or two sessions!! So you do not own several firearms. You can only afford to buy the one firearm for them. That’s ok. Again we can tailor different loads for many calibers.

Some of the most common calibers from the past and new ones today that are sought for novice shooters range from:.243 Winchester up through 7mm Mauser. There are plenty of great calibers out there and more new ones coming out every day!

MATCH and TARGET LOADS   Match loads are created for the competition shooter. Target loads can be applied to paper target shooting, small game and varmint hunting. These loads are very similar in the number of precision quality steps used to manufacture competition ammunition. Once again, the customer can drive the level of quality / accuracy of their ammunition.
Match and Target loads at this level are loaded in single station precision press and all steps in the process of loading are monitored for the most precision round made!

Quality in all of our custom loaded ammunition is equated to:

Variation held to absolute minimum

Consistency of all components

The old saying “Ammunition Matters” is very true. You may own an Olympic class accurate firearm and it will shoot pretty well. Then again, you may have a regular factory firearm. But with custom loaded ammunition both will shoot at their best.

We only use the best components in our loads and if you already have a proven load but not enough time to load, we can also help with that.

OBSOLETE and VINTAGE LOADS      There are hundreds of obsolete calibers still floating around out there. You may own one of these firearms and because there are no longer ammunition companies making that caliber, your firearms just sits in the vault. This does not have to be the case! Almost all the bullet diameters are still available and even when they are not, you can go to cast bullets for that old caliber.

Today there are bullet manufactures that have brought back some of the old express bullet sizes and old African calibers. As long as your firearm is in safe shooting condition, there is no reason not to enjoy it.

As for those old vintage calibers, what you probably have seen is one or two factory ammunition offerings, but they are hard to find. With today’s new bullets and powders we can bring new life back to your vintage firearm. Be it a lever action, falling block, bolt action or pump, we can load your caliber and get you back to shooting.

Please feel free to contact us about your ammunition questions and needs. We would be happy to work with you.