A Tour of Bones: Facing Fear and Looking for Life by Denise Inge

By Denise Inge

Author, educational, and adventurer, Denise Inge grew up in a wide and rambunctious family members at the east coast of the USA. She crossed the Sahara, charmed snakes in Marrakech and cycled the Adirondack mountains yet her newest event is an inside one. It begins with the invention that her home is outfitted on a crypt jam-packed with human skeletons. dealing with her worry of those strangers' bones takes her to different charnel homes in Europe and on a trip into the that means of bones themselves. This exploration, notwithstanding it all started earlier than her analysis with an inoperable sarcoma, takes on a brand new value while the query of residing good within the face of mortality suddenly ceases to be hypothetical.

A travel of Bones is a passionate testomony to the conviction that dwelling is greater than no longer death and that considering mortality isn't approximately being ready to die yet approximately being ready to live.

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So armed with candles and matches we descended to the cellar, filed into the final room, rolled the rug back and slid a long-handled flat-nosed screwdriver under the edge of the trap door. There is no wooden door with wheezing hinges, no ancient lock. There are no bunks like shelves; I had expected death, but thought there would be dignity. There was none of that. On three sides are earth and stone. On the fourth, a low opening cut beyond which there is only darkness. This solo journey is begun not with a bold stride but with a shrinking tuck: you must duck your head considerably to pass through the narrow block opening.

We are free, and somehow a little bit lost at the same time. Our aspiration for the enduring and even the infinite has not left us. The desire to remember and be remembered, far from abating, continues to be a basic part of being human. Human too is the belief in some hereafter which, despite all that we know about molecules, about decomposition and about the transitions of matter, remains in our imagination stubborn as an accidental ink-stain. All of these things and more have come to me gradually, on swelling and shrinking tides of thought swept in and out of my mind during the journey from that first step into our charnel house to the farthest corners of Silesia and back again.

Then, completely off the tourist trail, a simple charnel house in Naters, a village near the town of Brig at the foot of the Simplon Pass, one of the most beautiful passes in the Alps, constructed by Napoleon for his troops. We broke the small and remote rule, however, for one charnel house that curiosity compelled us not to miss – the frankly freaky ossuary at Sedlec in the Czech Republic with its famous bone chandelier. An itinerary was forming, but even this itinerary, concrete as it became, was not the start of the journey.

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