Antenna handbook by Y.T. Lo, S.W Lee

By Y.T. Lo, S.W Lee

Lo Y., Lee S. Antenna instruction manual (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993, 2)(ISBN 0442015933)

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Illustration for calculating load current with Thevenin's and Norton's theorems. (a) Receiving antenna in incident electromagnetic field. (b) Thevenin's equivalent circuit for load current. (c) Norton's equivalent circuit for load current. k = 2n/).. uO/€0)1I2 r = the unit vector along r, the distance vector from antenna terminal to point of observation r = the spherical radial distance from the antenna terminal to the point of observation of the field The function N in (4) is related to the amplitude vector A defined by (39) in Chapter 1, namely, (6) It is understood that the medium under consideration is free space with constitutive constants ,uo and eo.

30~----------~-----+-+----+----+~--~~~--·~·~----~ ,,""" \ ... \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ -~~_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~_ _ _ _~~_ _~~_ _ _ _~~_ _~_ _ _ _- L_ _ _ _~ o 2r k1o/2 3r Fig. lI. Normalized radiation patterns of a cosinusoidal distribution. ) 4r © 1981 3. Aperture Gain The transmitting properties of an antenna are usually characterized by its gain. The directive gain G( 8,4» of an antenna in the (8, 4» direction is the ratio of the radiated power density from it at (r, 8,4» to its average radiated power density about the antenna at the range r.

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