Are You Ready, An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness by Joe M. Allbaugh

By Joe M. Allbaugh

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5. When a thunderstorm approaches, secure outdoor objects that could blow • Avoid away or cause damage. Shutter windows, if possible, and secure outside doors. If shutters If a Tornado are not available, close Warning window blinds, shades, is issued, or curtains. take shelter immediately. Lightning T he ingredient that defines a thunderstorm is lightning. Since lightning creates thunder, a storm producing lightning is called a thunderstorm. Lightning occurs during all thunderstorms. Lightning results from the buildup and discharge of electrical energy between positively and negatively charged areas.

Weapons are prohibited within ricane winds are stronger at 3. Secure your home. Close higher elevations. shelters. Also, storm shutters. Secure • You live on the coast, on outdoor objects or bring pets are not them indoors. Moor your allowed in public a floodplain near a river or inland waterway. boat if time permits. shelters for health reasons. 4. Gather several days’ supply of water and food for each household member. Water systems may become contaminated or damaged. After sterilizing the bathtub and other containers with a diluted bleach solution of one part bleach to ten parts water, fill them with water to ensure a safe supply in case you are unable or told not to evacuate.

Ask local officials whether a registered engineer or architect has inspected your children’s schools for shelter space. 8. Ask your local emergency manager or American Red Cross chapter if there are any public safe rooms or shelters nearby. See the “Safe Room and Shelter” section at the end of this chapter for more information. 9. Assemble a disaster supplies kit. Keep a stock of food and extra drinking water. See the “Emergency Planning and Disaster Supplies” and “Evacua- 2. Be alert for approaching storms.

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