Aristophanis Byzantii Fragmenta by William J. Slater

By William J. Slater

From the introduction:
"It is time," wrote Wilamowitz in 1907, "that Nauck's version of Aristophanes
of Byzantium used to be redone," and lots of occasions during the
last few years i've got had reason to ask yourself on the knowledge and discretion
of these students who became a deaf ear to his injunction. no longer least, it is
a humiliating event to aim to stick to after the younger Nauck, whose
erudition and precision must have made it very unlikely for a person to
improve on his variation of 1848. in lots of methods this version isn't what I,
let on my own Wilamowitz, may have needed. the distinction of Erbse's edition
of the Homeric scholia have made me decrease the Homeric part to little
more than an index locorum with precis, although i've got attempted to make
it valuable through together with all attainable move references to the lexical works
of Aristophanes. in the course of the observation is short, and cognoscenti will
readily increase on it; however the literature on a gloss reminiscent of proxenos would
by itself now fill a quantity, and a dialogue of the proof for deer
species in early Greece a ways exceeds the competence of this author. Nonetheless
I have commented on these glosses the place it looked as if it would me that
Aristophanes was once facing a philological challenge recognized to his contemporaries;
and to this finish i've got taken a few care to collect relevant
testimonia, on account that i think that with no such support historic glosses can
mislead instead of inform.
The glosses and testimonia are given in Latin, grown rusty via years
of educating classical civilization, however the remark is in English, for the
simple cause that i locate myself not able to speak about a few issues like
fallow-deer with adequate readability in Latin. back although i've got made an
honest attempt to acquire all pertinent books, the reader should still be aware of that I
have now not had entry effortlessly to a big library, in order that i discovered it impossible
to money all my citations of the D scholia to Homer, which whilst a new
edition is out there needs to someday be in comparison with Aristophanes.

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And because the attitude is contrary to the usual view (Eust. ) that κοκκύζειν was not used of cocks except by the comic poets for amusement. This Atticist view is false (Gow on Theocr. 47) but it must have been propounded as an observation if not as a prescription before Ar. , who would know that he had the support of Aristotle, H. A. 9, 49, 631 b 9. P omits all glosses between έπικοκκάζω and κοκκύζω (gl. 9—20) probably by a technical slip du meme an meme. 21 (LXXXIX p. ) ψελλός Ρ: και -ψελλός Antiatt.

Oxy. 1088,10 with note) and both uses may be implied by Ar. ' use of χρήσιμος. Cohn 297; B. Grillet, Les femmes et les fards dans 1'antiquite grecque, Paris 1975, 49f. 24 AB (LI p. ) μαγίς, μ ά γ ε ι ρ ο ς Eust. 1761,34 in ξ 350: (gl. 23) . . έφη δε και ότι ή μαγίς από της μάζης ή του μαστεύειν (μάττειν coni. Nauck, cl. 462,37) ρηθείσα παράγει τον μάγειρον, ος ούτω, φησί, λέγεται παρά το μαγίδας αϊρειν ήγουν προσφέρειν. 23-24 19 Helladius ap. Phot. Bibl. 533 b 10: . . καΐ' ή μαγίς δε αντί της τραπέζης Αίγύπτιον δόξει και παντελώς έκθεσμον.

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